Sunday, December 11, 2011

How come I don't look like myself in my pictures?

I've always had pretty low self-esteem in regards to my physical appearance, so I find it rather disconcerting that the image of me captured by my digital camera (as well as my video camera) differs so greatly from that of the one in the mirror.

In most mirrors, I tend to look at least somewhat attractive. The length and width of my face suits my body, and the overall size of my head is proportional to that of my body. Move away from the mirror, and things still look fine, unless the mirror is the type that begins to distort and bend light waves at a distance. Some mirrors I don't look that great in, and I have no idea why. Is it just the lighting? Am I ugly in certain locations but not in others? I don't get it.

Same thing kind of applies with my camera, though I have a harder time getting a good picture of myself as opposed to being satisfied with my reflection. For the sake of hopefulness, I'll assume that I'm not photogenic rather than not even a tiny bit attractive. Yeah, my pictures look good when my face is at a certain distance, cast at a certain angle and well-lit, but most pictures that other people take of me are horrible.

I was messing around with my video camera, and it made me look bad, too. Distances of two feet to seven or eight feet made my face look very wide and small. Distances of ten feet or more made my head look incredibly tiny. Everybody I've asked (including people who I know would be honest) says that my head is normal sized. Christ, some guy I didn't even know told me that I had a *big* head. Eh?

This is seriously confusing as hell. Why do my pictures all turn out so differently? Why does my reflection appear different from mirror to mirror? I know the lighting is probably the catalyst in all of these situations, but is there anything else?

Here's a few pictures. Notice how I look horrible in some, and alright in others. Notice how my facial features almost seem to change from one picture to the next. Ergh!!!

Oh, and I know some are from different angles. I did that on purpose. All of these pictures were taken within a month or two of one another.鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

(does that one even look at all like the others?!)鈥?/a>

(same applies to the above)鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

(camera flash is almost certainly the culprit there, but still...)

Any real and helpful answers are appreciated. I'm not looking for a 1-10 rating or anything like that. I have a legitimate concern, and I'd very much like to get legitimate replies.

Thanks to all who answer properly!


In case anybody corrects me, I KNOW that light doesn't travel as traditional waves!


The second picture is the most recent one, I took it today. It's a little blurry, sorryHow come I don't look like myself in my pictures?
Are you a girl?
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  • Please Help?? I need help with a picture!?

    My daughter is entering this contest with designing and she's having problems uploading her picture/ design. The site says that the file has to be a JPEG and less than 300k. The picture is a JPEG, but the file doesn't say whether or not it's a #k. The file is 1.70 MB. Is this smaller or larger than 300k? And either way, how do you change the file size of the picture and or to match the 'k' of the 300k? If possible please give a step by step approach, (I know that's asking a lot, but you don't have to. Just if it's possible!)

    If you must know, she is entering this Roxy design a bikini contest and if any of you know about this and have achieved submitting your designs, please help!

    Thank you!Please Help?? I need help with a picture!?
    1.7 MB is roughly 1700 KB.

    You could try editing the image and re-sizing it so that it is somewhat smaller.Please Help?? I need help with a picture!?
    1.70 MB is too large,

    The software that opens the picture so that you can see it should have all the tools you need change the picture. This is not complicated, however, you must read the directions or, better yet, talk to friends or relatives about what they are using on their computer.

    They should be able to decrease the size for you.

    How can I change Google's search bar font size and button size?

    I somehow changed the font size of's search bar... it is quite annoying... and I can't bring it back to normal. All of the other fonts in the website and any other website are ok, it is just the search bar and the SEARCH button of

    I uploaded a picture so you can see what I mean:

    I hope someone can help me with this. I am using Safari on a Mac (Leopard)

    and I already tried cleaning my cookies and all... didn't workHow can I change Google's search bar font size and button size?
    It appears that google is attempting to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) in regards to text size and contrast. The WCAG provides guidance on making websites accessible to the disabled, such as those who are sight-impaired.How can I change Google's search bar font size and button size?
    Seems that it was done on Google's end. they are changing the search bar font to be bigger.
    i just noticed this too, really annoying
    You can reduce the font size by pressing ctrl and - together but the buttons will be less effected. My guess is you'll get used to it. Google doesn't make changes without testing them on large sample sizes of users first and checking if they like them. Maybe it won't grow on you and you'll stay annoyed by it but if you do you'll be in the minority.

    EDIT: I just went back to it after about 10 minutes and I'm already used to it. :)

    Everything is really small on mozilla firefox?

    how do i change the size of the pictures %26amp; text (i want to make them bigger) (this only happens on facebook, i think it's because i leaned on the Ctrl key)Everything is really small on mozilla firefox?
    view%26gt;zoom%26gt;reset in the top toolbarEverything is really small on mozilla firefox?
    go to properties and change the view settings

    Edit a picture by MS-word?

    How do i change the size and resolution of my picture in ms-word? I want to convert it (2592/1944';) into a passport size photograph (6/4''). Can anybody help me to give me a solution?Edit a picture by MS-word?
    right click on the picture then click on ';format picture'; click on the ';size'; tab, uncheck ';lock aspect ratio'; then edit your sizes.Edit a picture by MS-word?
    Easiest way is to drag the bounding box of the picture when its selected and resize it as you want.

    If you need more accuracy, jut right click the picture the choose Format Picture. Go to the Size tab and enter the exact size you need (usually in inches, but depends on your default unit of measurement). In MS Word 2007, just right click then head to Size and then the same thing applies.

    You cannot change resolutions though, for that you'll need at least a basic graphics editor.

    Youtube videos changing size constantly?

    Whenever I watch videos on youtube (and youtube only; This doesn't happen with hulu, google video, etc), the video will shrink to about 1/4th the original size, and then quickly change back. It constantly switches between the right size and the small size, and it's really annoying. I managed to get a picture of what it shrinks to:

    Any ideas on how I can fix this before I have a seizure? I've already tried reinstalling flash player.Youtube videos changing size constantly?
    If videos are flickering, shaking or jumping back-and-forth

    from big to small or from top-left to bottom-right, perhaps

    something is wrong with your Flash player, particularly if

    you've got one of the newer ones.

    There's no need to have the latest Flash player, because

    nothing about being able to watch YouTube has changed

    in the last 2 years. (Technically speaking, you could still

    use Flash 8 if you wanted to.)

    In fact, the more recent Flash players are causing plenty

    of grief for lots of YouTubers -- especially the 8 variations

    of version 10. It's absolutely crazy that there should be a

    10.0.525, 10.1.218, 10.2.26, 10.2.54, 10.12.10, 10.12.36,

    10.15.3 and 10.22.87. Most updates are usually good for

    only one thing: computer/software conflicts.

    I have never strayed away from 9.47, and many ';flashers';

    swear by 9.45. Think of those two Flashes like Windows

    XP compared to Vista. Please take a look at the Asker's

    feedback comments to this other ';Best Answer'; of mine,

    (even though his YouTube issue isn't the same as yours):鈥?/a>

    If that looks interesting to you, here's the appropriate link:

    www . old apps . com / flash _ player . php ? old _ flash _ player = 14鈥?/a>

    Another thing you might want to consider is whether you

    have some crappy utility such as GWA, SpeedBit, Jaton,

    Trident, Diamond Fire, ATI or Easy Video Accelerator.

    Of course nothing ';accelerates'; live streaming video files.

    Even YouTube, Google and Macromedia understand this

    and write that in their own FAQ's. Thus, if your computer

    has any type of ';accelerator';, please dump it, burn it, rip

    it, kick it, trash it, uninstall it -- do all that you can to get

    as far away from it as possible.

    Because you're not the first person this week to ask this

    question, I recently did lots of Googling, researching and

    reading about ';flickering/shaking'; videos -- and nearly all

    the discussion forums I came across mentioned ';nVidia';

    drivers. Do you maybe have one installed on your comp?
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  • Help with the picture size on my tv!?

    I have a Proview 32'; lcd model PA-32JK1SA. Now I have a RCA universal remote as well, not the original remote that came with the tv when it was purchased. My picture size is to large, anything that is written at the top or bottom of the screen, such as news tickers, I can not read. I have been thru the video and setup screens and there is not anything there to change this. Plus there is not a button on my remote to change this either. Does anyone know how can fix the picture to be smaller or maybe even wide screen? ThanksHelp with the picture size on my tv!?
    Did you ever know how to change the picture format on this TV?

    If it is just a question of not knowing how to do it with a replacement remote, here is a place you can get a replacement original remote.鈥?/a>

    I can see a P. Size button on the original remote. I'm guessing that might be physical size?

    I'd never really thought about it before but without the remote, I don't know how or if I can change the picture format on my TV either!! LOL!! You might also considering calling support and see what they have to say.鈥?/a>Help with the picture size on my tv!?
    You need to go into the menu and change the picture size from Zoom to regular. You can download the manual from here.鈥?/a>